Christmas – A liberation theology story

Christmas poem by Kester Brewin

If Jesus were born in our modern society today, where would he be born in?

I venture to say that he would be born in the basement carpark of a rundown hotel in a repressive regime.

Why a basement carpark?

Well, we don’t have stables in cities nowadays, but we have carparks.

After all, back in Jesus’s days, people used animals such as horses and donkeys for transportation.

It was written that the inn had no space for Jesus’s parents – Mary and Joseph – to stay.

Most likely, the stable next to the inn was used to keep the beasts of burden temporarily.

Hence, imagine Mary and Joseph arriving at a packed hotel in a modern city today, weary and displaced from their hometown.

Upon realising there was no place for them, they decided to huddle in the basement carpark as Mary was about to give birth.

Imagine the dim and dank atmosphere of the basement carpark, the claustrophobic environment, the stale smell of gasoline.

It is thus well said that Jesus wasn’t born in a palace (where he might have grown up being out of touch with the reality of everyday life of an average person on the streets).

Instead, he came to meet us right where we are, in the midst of our dark, cold, suffering world.

He understands our individual and collective struggles against displacement, loneliness, economic oppression and marginalisation by the societal system.

He came to bring us liberation from despair, fear and condemnation.

He is the Word becoming flesh, the Love manifested in each of us human beings.

He is the Revolution incarnated, and so are we in this world.

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