Resolving human conflicts from the inside out

I learnt from the video interview that people who struggle with doing church and the conventional way of reading the bible have found Peter’s works interesting and see him as some sort of pathfinder who shows them a new way to believe.

I noted that Pete thinks that to be human is to have questions, and to wrestle with unknowing, which can be challenging as it involves questioning the beliefs of forefathers, friends and family.

I also learnt that the Wake festival is for people who experience the death of political, religious or cultural ideas, to mourn the passing of old ways and reflect on new ways of relating to the past and moving forward into the future, through philosophy and theology.

It is particularly enlightening to hear his views on how to navigate the walls of division by first accepting the otherness in oneself, acknowledging one’s unknowing and doubts, and having real conversations with others who are different or believe differently.

It is also mind-opening to know that ultimately it isn’t so much about political or religious differences but rather the scapegoat mechanism at work in a community of people who refuse to deal with their own anxieties and traumas and instead choose to find a common enemy to find fault with for problems in their community and maintain social cohesion.

Peter’s works really delve into the heart of humanity and bring clarity and purpose to create a social community that can truly resolve conflicts from the inside out.

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