Freedom from meaning: Drive, grace and the absurd

I have listened to the video for the most part and found it insightful. If I may summarise it in my own words, Peter Rollins wanted to reframe his own ideology using the language that Paul Hessert uses in his book, such as hero and saint, self and soul, and “cheap grace” and radical grace.

I learnt that “Christ crucified” is a form of nihilism that challenges the perceived reality of the world of certainty and striving, and invites people into unknowing and dark night of the soul and ultimately acceptance of oneself.

I understand that Grace means there is nothing we need to do or strive to become an ideal self, but accept that we are already a complete soul who has depth and complexity.

As he put it, there is nothing we can do to remove guilt and condemnation of falling short of the ideal which we all either internalise or externalise, but radical grace can effectively enable us to free ourselves from guilt and condemnation, and become a healthier person.

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