The prayer that unlocks the unconscious – Andre and Mary Anne Rabe

I have listened to Andre and Mary Anne Rabe’s video and learned that we can become aware of that part of us that is beyond words, and this prayer unlocks the unconscious where we allow ourselves to move of the conscious storytelling mode into a space in which we experience God beyond words or concepts.

I also learnt that being still and knowing God is akin to many mystics teaching that silence is the language of God.

It is interesting to learn that humility comes from the root word meaning ground, or grounding with the essence of our being that sustains us and is greater than physical reality.

Indeed, as we practise being still and not resist, retain or react to thoughts, and instead return to the present moment, we encounter God in the fullness of goodness and generosity, and appreciate silence in that wonderful transcendental experience of all that is.

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