Principalities and powers – who is our real enemy?


“But consider the possibility that the current futility of the world is actually no one’s fault. The world is simply the way it is as scientists describe it. There are no people to blame or scapegoat for the suffering and misery of our existence. There is no person or people who are the enemy. Then what is? Isn’t the enemy the beliefs that rule and drive us from within, and many of those beliefs have existed for thousands of years?
Solving the crisis of our world is not a matter of removing certain individuals or groups from positions of power. It goes deeper than that. The enemy is not the people, but the attitudes, narratives, mindsets, ideologies, and belief systems that have poisoned us all and rule in our minds. These are the principalities and powers that have cast darkness over our world, and they must be challenged and struck down. If you want to get angry about something, get angry at the false myths and ideologies that are governing our existence. Here’s something else to get mad about—these ideas, about—these ideas, myths, and ideologies are living inside your mind and ruling your life right now!”

Jim Palmer, Inner Anarchy

Yes, the false myths and ideologies governing our existence are the principalities and powers that we all wrestle with. Certain narratives and mindsets such as white supremacy and patriarchy are oppressive to those who don’t fit into the idealised identities, hence the need to challenge them.

Another destructive belief system is the illusion of separateness which gives rise to elitism and tribalism, hence I recognise Thich Nhat Hanh’s advocacy that “we are here to awake from the illusion of separateness” too.

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