Rethinking how we can represent the concepts of good and evil in our art and language

Yes, I get the message from the artwork that we are protected from evil spiritual forces. But I have a problem with the stereotypical portrayal of light angels as “good” and dark angels as “bad” because unwittingly, that mindset can become ingrained in one’s psyche or subconscious and result in anti-Black racism.

For example, why do we keep encountering cases of white police brutality against unarmed Black folks?

Or mass incarceration of Black people, many of whom have turned out to be actually innocent?

Has the dualistic mindset of “white = good, black = evil” caused people to grow up perceiving Black people as dangerous, whether consciously or unconsciously?

Maybe we should rethink the way we represent concepts in our art and language, in order to not perpetuate the harmful stereotypes.

By the way, I have learnt that the real enemies whom we wrestle against aren’t really evil angels but rather the principalities and powers – the thought structures that bring about division or illusion of separateness, and the power structures that oppress and marginalise certain groups of people who don’t fit into a certain norm.

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