Liberation theology and prophetic imaginations

I applaud Walter Brueggemann’s incisive speech about Jesus’ mission to usher in an alternative world that disrupts the status quo of the totalitarian empire, with reference to prophetic imaginations in the ancient world of the Bible and in the contemporary world.

It is interesting to learn that Solomon’s regime demonstrated totalism in which the government monopolised religion/theology and technology, and maintained gross socio-economic inequality through regressive taxes and cheap labour system.

It is also interesting to see the similarity between the Jerusalem temple and modern commercial airplane, which divides people based on their level of wealth and privileges.

It gives a deeper insight on the role of the prophets who came to challenge the discriminatory system and the concept of anemic God, on behalf of the vulnerable and marginalised people, at the risk of their own lives.

Like Walter said, we are witnessing the same phenomenon in our modern world, where prophets, such as Martin Luther King Jr, envision and champion a better and more equitable world, in the ongoing process of dismantling the totalitarian system of slavery, White nationalism, police militarization and mass consumerism.

I am learning that God is working in and through us, and still God is bigger than us while making a new and living way for us as well.

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