Deep healing for hurting men

“Perhaps if tearful little boys were comforted instead of shamed, there wouldn’t be so many angry men struggling to express and empathise with emotions.”

– Lelia Schott

Where did toxic masculinity come from?

How did psychopathy and narcissism come about?

I’m interested to know their origin because apparently, most western psychology studies are like western medicine –

They mainly identify the symptoms but often do not deal with the root causes deeply enough.

(They also seem to write off these cases as hopeless.

But if divine grace could transform a hateful murderer into a loving disciple of Christ, I think no human is beyond redemption.)

Among the various factors, I believe the more significant ones include childhood abuse and shame from repressive authority figures and societal expectations.

For example, in a podcast interview, Russell Brand and Karamo Brown talked about dealing with toxic masculinity and its root causes, such as having been hurt or abused by their father since childhood.

I totally agree with the importance of taking care of our mental health the same way we do for our physical health.

Self-care and therapy methodologies include:

  • consciously working on reminding ourselves that it is OK to be human and express emotions
  • acknowledging any emotional trigger causing sadness, anxiety or anger
  • expressing emotions through art

These can allow healing and forgiveness to take place.

It is an ongoing process of working through the difficult emotions.

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