LIFE2014: Nun Ani Choying – The Singing Nun of Nepal

I learnt from the singer that singing hymns and chants is a unique meditation practice in Buddhism, which unites the mind with the sound of mantras or spiritual prayers because our mind rides on a subtle energy of breath.

So when we chant or sing mantras, it helps us to purify the negative energy and recharge it with positive energy.

I also learnt that to sing these mantras and spiritual songs in a melodious song is just a method because a melody in general has an ability to soothe a very disturbed mind – it is a language we all can understand regardless of differences in our cultures, languages and age groups.

The melody has the most beautiful and powerful effect to please the ear of the divine, humans, animals and plants, causing them to grow more beautifully.

Hence, in monasteries, they often use a lot of melodies to perform rituals and ceremonies, which are composed by great masters.

As she put it, she learnt to use music skilfully in order to fulfil the needs of the project, even as she wants to see the limitless inner potential of every person fulfilled.

It includes singing mantras of compassion to invoke the energy of compassion, which helps one cultivate compassionate qualities within oneself, so that one can heal not only oneself but also others.

Yes, come to think of it, this meditation practice is universal because the Bible also encourages us to make melody in our hearts, singing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs to God. 

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