Peace, healing and relaxation

Positive affirmations with relaxing music of binaural beats – Alpha waves

I find the overall message and music in the above video peaceful and uplifting.

I love and believe in myself
I am grateful for what I have
I accept myself totally and unconditionally

I can!
I am loving and caring
I see beauty in everything

I like myself…
I live in a universe of abundance
I only have thoughts that empower me…

I am comfortable in my own skin..
I am wonderful
I expect the best things to happen to me
Happiness is my natural state..
I am healthy

The Power of Your THOUGHTS | Joshua Tongol

I AM Loving – I AM University Consciousness Development Series

The Amazing Transformation of a Guy Who Didn’t Give Up!

I agree with the war veteran on the power of believing in ourselves and never giving up because regardless of others say, it IS possible for us to get back on our feet again after we have fallen and become strong and able again (in whichever area of our life). He is also fortunate to have a yoga teacher who believes in him and encourages him on his way to recovery.

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