Video Messages

Below are some of the videos that mostly resonate with me. I find them edifying and liberating. I hope you enjoy the messages too.

Breathe – Rob Bell

Nooma Breathe 014 by holer24

You – The good news according to Rob Bell

NOOMA 15 – You – Rob Bell (Legendado) from Marcelo Mioto on Vimeo.

Rediscovering Wonder—A New Video from Rob Bell

Live Video Stream recording with Carlton Pearson – Streaming Consciousness

Was Jesus PUNISHED by the Father? | Challenging Penal Substitution | Joshua Tongol

How church destroyed my faith but Jesus found me: A tale of coming to universal reconciliation

Symphony of Science – Onward to the Edge!

[Neil DeGrasse Tyson]
“When I reach to the edge of the universe
I do so knowing that along some paths of cosmic discovery
There are times when, at least for now,
One must be content to love the questions themselves”

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