Rumi ~ The Alchemy of Love

You come to us from another world;
From beyond the stars and a void of space
Transcendent, pure – of unimaginable beauty.
Bringing with You the essence of Love.
You transform all who are touched by You –
Mundane concerns, troubles and sorrows dissolve in Your presence
Bringing joy to ruler & ruled, to peasants and kings.
You bewilder us with Your grace;
All evil is transformed into goodness.
You are the Master Alchemist!
You light the fire of Love in earth & sky,
In heart & soul of every being.
Through Your loving, existence & non-existence merge –
All opposites unite –
All that is profane becomes sacred again.

I find this a wonderfully mystical and profound poem which I learnt is entitled “The alchemy of love“.

The Master Alchemist of Love reminds me of Christ, who was also described to have come from another world (from the kingdom of God that is within us, I would venture to say, since he knows our heart intimately). Jesus is the embodiment of unimaginable love and beauty, who came to transform all he touched, lifting up the downtrodden, refreshing the weary and comforting the sorrowful, bearing their pains and griefs, having suffered the same himself as a human. He transformed all evil into goodness and united all opposites, making the two one with his death and resurrection, co-identifying himself with humanity (overcoming the duality with oneness).

It could be that the Christ archetype is an integral part of humanity, such that cultures around the world share a similar story of how our true Self came to bewilder us with his grace and light the fire of love in earth and sky (lower and higher consciousness) and in heart and soul of every being.  Love embraces all, as concluded in the above video.

This may be the inner reality in each of us, and the spirit bears witness with our heart how reconciliation and healing takes place within us, and the multifarious stories and myths of the Christ archetype would hold people spellbound across the cultures and ages, being a manifestation in the outer universe based on that inner reality captured in the imagination of humankind and the universe, leaving an indelible imprint forever deep in our heart and mind that in each of us is the Master Alchemist of Love – we are our own Physician/Healer of our wounded soul/psyche. We are the beauty of Paradise once lost, only to be found as we gaze into the mirror of our Beloved in the waters of reflection and are transformed into the same image from glory to glory, even by the spirit of love and grace that is within us. There is something about poetry that transforms our earthly experiences of pains and sorrows into something transcendental, especially one that speaks of unimaginable love and beauty.

“The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.”

– Caroline Myss

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  1. Beautiful post! …and the YouTube with the “Time” music is wonderful! Thanks for the pingback ~ ☼ tomas ♥

    1. jimmytst says:

      You are welcome. Thank you for your encouraging comment too. Peace and blessings to you, Tomas.


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