Are Your Beliefs (or Religion) Based on FEAR? | Letting Go of Fear-Driven Religion | Joshua Tongol

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Sadly, much of what we call “RELIGION” today (or even a “RELATIONSHIP with God”) is driven by FEAR. And fear has been used to control the masses.

There is so much religious dogma being used to keep people ignorant and fearful. That being the case, many religious folks end up not thinking for themselves. Or, at other times, valid questions are suppressed by the religious authorities.

There are 2 things that mainly drive people: LOVE and FEAR

Questions to think about:

Why do you believe in God?
Why do you do good to others?
Are you afraid of God?
Would you believe in God if there were no hell or punishment?

The way one answers these questions will reveal what really drives the person’s beliefs.

Listen as Joshua shares the problems of Fear-Driven Religion and how we need to rediscover the God of love.

Yes, the perfect love of God casts out fear. Indeed, the foundation of all teachings about God is that God is Love, and there is no fear in Love. Any teaching that presents God as otherwise is not the gospel or good news.

As regards the common misconception about the “fear of the Lord” in the book of Proverbs, what began in fear needs not end in fear – as people mature in their knowledge of God, fear fades away and love presides over fear. Love is the pinnacle of knowing God, not fear.

Someone may quote the Bible to say that “God is a consuming fire”. I see it as a metaphor: we are consumed by the love of God that burns away all man-made ideas about God that are based on the illusion of separation and all the religious works and efforts to earn acceptance.

We are healed and made whole by the love of God, as Jesus demonstrated in healing all who were oppressed by religion and set us free from condemnation so that we enjoy peace and joy, knowing the kingdom of God is within us.

“After studying history, philosophy, science and most importantly my own heart, I have concluded that organized religion is a man-made machine, serving the emotions and needs of a society. It is neither right nor wrong, but simply personal opinions strung together and presented as truth. Today, I find organized religion stifles my growth as a human being, and my happiness overall, so I have chosen to remove it from my daily existence.”

(From “Real Interviews With Good People Who Left Religion“)

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  1. Thank you for featuring a quote from my blog post “Real Interviews with Good People Who Left Relgion.” Thank you for your work!

    1. jimmytst says:

      You are welcome, Jamila. I find your blog post helpful and timely as it is relevant to my blog post. I decided to share the quote from your blog post as it gives an insight into why some people refrain from organised religions for the sake of their own well-being. Peace and blessings.

  2. Stephanie Jill Rudd says:

    I do agree. I so wish people could get over the fear factor, so that they could enjoy life and God.

    1. jimmytst says:

      Exactly. A person cannot love God and fear God at the same time. Love and enjoyment (of life and God) is only possible in the absence of fear.

      Peace and blessings.

  3. caimbeul says:

    It’s interesting jimmytst, I was writing a new blog post about how we’re held captive by our fears just as your ‘Like’ email arrived which brought me here. God does indeed move in mysterious ways and there-in lies the joy. Thanks.

    1. jimmytst says:

      Thanks for your comment, caimbeul. It is refreshing to read your testimony of divine coincidence and synchronicity. I believe that testifies to the beauty of the mystery and mysticism of God. I like the subtitle of your blog too: “Mysticism is dancing with the mystery, not trying to figure it out.”

      Peace and blessings to you.

      1. caimbeul says:

        many thanks jimmytst. I’m pleased you like the subtitle. It’s going to be a pleasure following your posts.

  4. jimmytst says:

    You are welcome, caimbeul. Thanks for following my blog too.

    Love and light.

  5. Praharsh patel says:

    I think you are right. I am a hindu, and my religion seems not to be organized or i am not affiliated to any organization. As you say the relationship with god is personal and without fear.

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